CISCON Consulting was established in 1998 by the former NextGen® Healthcare Information Systems Project Manager, Ricki Morgan. The goal was to assist clients in the selection of an EHR and supply EHR Project Management implementation skills upon selection. As clients consistently selected the NextGen® Ambulatory EHR for implementation, CISCON focused entirely on Project Management and Consulting with the NextGen® Ambulatory EHR. After Practice Management was added to the system, CISCON partnered with the individual consultant that installed the first NextGen® Practice Management (formerly Micro-Med) Solution to develop our Practice Management Consulting line of business. CISCON consults exclusively on the NextGen® product line.

CISCON assists users of the NextGen® product line to implement and integrate the NextGen® solutions into their practices efficiently and effectively. By streamlining the process of training, implementation, and customization, CISCON is able to help users maximize their investment in the NextGen® Ambulatory EHR and Practice Management Solutions and reap the benefits of increased efficiency, and increased revenue.

NextGen® EHR and PM

CISCON has over 22 years of experience in implementing NextGen® Ambulatory EHR and Practice Management Solutions. We work on both a collaborative basis with NextGen® and independently to implement the NextGen® solutions to achieve peak performance from both the solutions and the personnel using the software. Our goal is to ensure our clients have the best possible experience in using the NextGen® Ambulatory EHR and Practice Management Solutions and the highest return on their investment possible.

At CISCON, we have always placed the needs of our clients first. That is why we have chosen to specialize in implementation of the NextGen® Ambulatory EHR and Practice Management Solutions only.